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46th Paper Tiger Catamaran National Championships

Wallaroo SA




The 46th Annual Australian Paper Tiger Nationals ended with a final dramatic race with the first 6/7 boats crossing the finish line within 3 minutes of each other. Throughout the series all 16 competitors fought it out across a range of wind conditions, stifling heat, minor breakages, including the loss of a tiller at the start of a race and a number of skippers going swimming. There was a two point swing for Bryan Anderson to win his 9th National title by 1 point over Bruce Rose. Last minute fixes to the trampoline and toe strap paid off. Well Done Bryan!!!


The Wallaroo Sailing Club did a fabulous job running all the races, especially setting the course size and times. This was particularly welcomed by those on shore who were able sit in the shade whilst seeing the starts and finishes of almost all races. Wallaroo was incredibly welcoming to all sailors and their families. A big thank-you to the club who even sent Wallaroo Sailing Club flags home to all clubs of sailors.


The fun didn’t stop onshore. The Sailing Club facilities were brilliant. The air-conditioning and shade were a savour on the two absolute scorchers. The sandwiches made by the Sailing Club were always welcome at the lunch break and delicious too. Not to mention the incredible feast put on for both the Welcome and Presentation dinners that left everyone full to the brim. The club house was a great spot to bring in the New Year, with nibbles over looking the incredible firework display.


All initial concerns about the accommodation were completely unfounded! There was more than enough space for all at either the caravan park or cricket ground, a short walk to the Sailing Club. Despite the numerous requests for more toilet paper at the cricket ground it was very secure, accessible and close to the sailing club and all 7 Wallaroo pubs.

The beaches could rival most beaches in Australia, with sparkling blue water, clear enough to see the numerous schools of fish, crabs and seaweed sparsely littered around the ocean floor and lovely soft sand. Nestled under a wheat storage and export facility. The water was the perfect temperature to frolic in to cool down from the 30 plus temperatures as well as lap it up as a bit of extra exercise when it was too hot for a morning stroll.

The only thing missing was the constant hand swiping and insect repellent spray. But on second thoughts, this was a very welcome treat!


Thank-you to the SA Association for their time and effort organising. Looking forward to the next nationals in Eden NSW!! See you all there!



47th Paper Tiger Nationals

Two Fold Bay Yacht Club, Eden NSW

28/12/2016 to 3/1/2017

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