Why become a member of the VPTCA? Here are a couple of reasons why...


Inexpensive Sailing:

Paper Tigers are relatively inexpensive when compared to other classes. This is due to the strict 'one design' nature of the Paper Tiger and the simplicity of the design. A well maintained Paper Tiger can be raced competitively for ten or more years. New members may purchase older boats and still expect to be competitive. Second hand boats vary considerably in price from $800 to $8000. A competitive second hand boat (a boat with potential to win a major title) will cost at least $3500. New boats are also relatively inexpensive compared to other classes. For instance, a new Paper Tiger can be put on the water for about $9000 which includes high quality equipment/rigging and the latest technology in foam sandwich design. Home built plywood boat from $6000


Inexpensive annual fees and regatta fees:

A senior membership is only $30 per annum, junior membership is $20 and family memberships are available for an affordable $45. Paper Tiger regatta fees for our major events are inexpensive by comparison to other classes. For example, the National Titles will cost around $160 and the State Titles only about $75


Annual training weekend (Tiger Sail):

The VPTCA organises at least one training weekend each year at a suitable venue. Tiger Sail is open to non-members as well as members. The weekend costs $30 for non-members where the weekend is free for financial members. Skippers are coached/trained on and off the water by experienced Paper Tiger skippers and rules experts.


Comprehensive monthly newsletters:

Newsletters are mailed/emailed to all members monthly as part of a membership with the VPTCA. The newsletters typically include details on upcoming events, results and race reports of past events, a listing of boats for sale, tuning tips and a gossip column.


Inland Water Series:

The VPTCA season program incorporates an Inland Water Series which involves five inland water venues throughout Victoria such as Latrobe Valley Y.C., Bendigo Y.C., Lake Mokoan Y.C., Cairn Curran Y.C., and Yarrawonga Y.C. This series is held in conjunction with the respective venue's annual regatta. At the end of the season the best results for those Paper Tiger Skippers who attended at least three of the venues will be calculated to work out the overall results. Trophies and prizes are awarded at our annual presentation night for the first three places in A, B, and C grade, as well as for the first Veteran and first Junior sailors.


Strong club racing at a variety of clubs:

The two strongest Victorian yacht clubs are McCrae and Elwood. McCrae Yacht Club has about 30 Paper Tigers registered while Elwood has approximately 20 on the books. Paper Tigers are also actively sailed at Merricks, Somers, Bendigo, Ballarat, Latrobe Valley, Mt Martha and many other clubs throughout Victoria. Some of these clubs will provide storage for your Paper Tiger. For example, Elwood Sailing Club has indoor. McCrae and Somers provide outdoor storage only.


National Class:

Paper Tigers are actively sailed in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australian and Queensland. The sailing strength of Paper Tigers on a national basis has in the past come from Victoria where the majority of the top ten skippers from the national Titles are usually Victorian. However, in more recent years the other states, particularly NSW, have been very active and are catching up rapidly.


Team racing against New Zealand:

The top ten sailors from the National Titles form a ten boat team which sails against the top ten New Zealand sailors (as decided from the NZ National Titles) to sail an International teams regatta. This occurs for two years out of every three years. One year the Australians travel to New Zealand and the next year the New Zealanders travel to Australia. Every third year is a lay year. The competition to gain a top ten placing is fierce and makes for great sailing at our National Titles.

Great fleet racing: The paper Tiger class generally out numbers other classes when sailing in mixed fleets such as during our Inland Water Series events. Between 10 and 20 Paper Tigers could be expected at any mixed boat regatta that is included in the VPTCA program. Paper Tigers attract large fleets to out major regattas such as our National Titles (between 45 and 50 boats). Large fleets enable our members to develop important starting and fleet sailing skills.


One size fits all:

The variation in weight of individual skippers within the Paper Tiger fleet is quite incredible, demonstrating the versatility of the class. Some of our younger sailors weigh only 50-55kg's and are able to manage their yachts in most conditions. Sails may be legally reefed for heavy conditions. At the other extreme, some of our adult skippers weigh 95-100kg's. The optimum range is between 65 and 85kg's.


The best of both worlds:

Paper Tigers may be perceived as the 'Laser of the catamarans'. Paper Tigers are a strict one design class, they require hiking rather than trapezing (which keeps you fit and gains your respect from the monohull sailers) and they are probably the most tactical catamaran in existence due to their ease of tacking. ON the other hand, the Paper Tiger provides sailors with all the thrills associated with catamaran racing - Rapid acceleration, high speeds, hull flying and spectacular reaching.


Contacts for Paper Tiger fittings and Parts:

Being part of the Paper Tiger Catamaran Association allows you to easily get into contact with fitting suppliers and producers for the Paper Tiger. Particular Paper Tiger fitting such as masts, mast bases, beams, rudder stocks, rudders, center boards and various other fittings and products specifically made for the Paper Tiger can be accessed through various sailors and association contacts.

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