Traveller Series Results 2016/2017


The traveller series consisted of 5 regattas this season. It was great to see so many skippers on the water - 30 participated in at least one event. The overall scores were calculated on a high point scoring system i.e. if there was 5 boats at the regatta, first overall gained a maximum of 5 points to their score for the traveller series. It definitely paid to have a good regatta at the well attended venues. Other classes and non Victorian boats were eliminated from the point scoring system, however the placings in each race remained the same.

Overall scores can be found at the bottom of the page so scroll down.

Cairn Curran Regatta

McCrae Catamaran Championships

Mount Martha Visit

Final Results

Final Results

Somers Visit

Yarrawonga Anzac Day Regatta

Final Results