Past International Champion, Mark Wiggins, sailing Firestorm 3104.

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Luke Stout flying on 3131 Go'n Wild

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Michael Thorn and Ron Wiggins battling it out

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Past International Champion, Mark Wiggins, sailing Firestorm 3104.

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Latest News

Dear Members
As we approach hopefully the beginning of the 21/22 season I would like to welcome some new faces to the committee. Lachlan Cameron, and Rochelle Deed bring some new motivation and enthusiasm which has already brought a new positive feel.
The committee firmly has its eye on the goal ‘getting back to sailing’. Even in the current uncertainty with lockdown along most of the Australian east coast, we want to keep motivation for skippers with some great regattas and events ahead.
The 21/22 program is set to include the classic and popular regattas that historically have been well attended by our skippers.
Official traveler program events hope to include Cairn Curren, McCrae Ronstan Regatta and Yarrawonga. There is also the keen view of also attending the Victorian Catamaran Championship. It is also our intention and hope to still host the National Championship at Warrnambool over the new year break. Clarification on the National and International Championships will be discussed in the next month or so and information will be passed on to skippers as things evolve.
I’m the mean time, with the encouraging warmer weather, take the time to dust the boat off and get it ready to go. Let’s get back to sailing.

Kind Regards
(VPTCA President)

1. Cairn Curran Regatta

2. Australian National                           30 Dec - 4th Jan

    Championship Warrnambool


3. Ronstan Regatta                                 22 - 23 Jan 2022

    McCrae Yacht Club    

4. VIctorian State Championship

     Lightning Regatta                                12-13 Feb 2022

    Elwood Sailing Club

5. International CHampionship          Easter 2022

 6. Yarrawonga Regatta                        23rd, 24th, 25th April


2021/21 Program (subject to change due to COVID)

Elwood Sailing Club.

12th and 13th February 2022

Regatta is in conjunction with the Elwood Lightning Regatta weekend.

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Victorian Paper Tiger Catamaran Championship
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